Exploration drilling
in the
Faroe-Shetland Channel

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Environmental Impact Assessment

The Regional EIA for the planned exploration drilling in the Faroe-Shetland Channel represents the combined efforts of GEMS / FOIG partners. National environmental expertise has made contribution to the preparation of the relevant knowledge foundation. The overall objective of the assessment is to provide the best available basis for environmental decision-making and management strategies in line with Faroese national regulations and international standards for this kind of work. 

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Appendix: EIA studies

This Appendix forms a complete list of the environmental studies implemented by GEMS during the project phase of the Environmental Impact Assessment (cf. the EIA Programme) in order to provide the baseline information needed for the assessments and analyses - and for the EIA report.

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Dynamic web maps

Available on this CD is a set of dynamic maps configured for viewing on the web. Available thematic data are: licence area, seabird colonies, inshore fisheries, ports, recreational sites, aquaculture, coastal habitats and archaeological sites.

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GIS data & projects

Available on this CD is a set of GIS projects configured for use with ArcExplorer (freeware geographical information system from ESRI). Available GIS projects are:

Fishery activity
Oil drift statistics

GIS data are also available as ArcView Shapefiles, and a an ArcView extension developed spcifically for the Faroes  (Go to GIS page)